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Mar 25

Dr. Clock
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Hi! I'm Dr. Clock! I can help you start your day with a smile!


Dr. Clock is a full-featured clock radio with iTunes access and three gorgeous 1960s-era displays to choose from. But what sets Dr. Clock apart is its gentle humor. Whether it's a scrolling message on the Digital clock, or a brain-teaser required to invoke Snooze mode, Dr. Clock will put a smile on your face!


Dr. Clock has three beautifully rendered retro themes:
- Flip-clock: From the early 60s, a digital display on an analog timepiece! It’s rendered so accurately you can hear the flaps fall. And more! You can specify a stitched faux-leather surround in one of four hot colors.

- Digital clock: A superbly rendered seven-segment display, complete with “ghost” segments that are not illuminated. Choose from an infinite number of color backgrounds.

- Quartz clock: All the rage in the early ‘60s, with glow-in-the-dark hands, a sweep second hand, and an abbreviated alarm hand that indicates when it’s going to wake you up. Your grandmother had one of these!


Dr. Clock uses all the computing and musical technology in your iPhone or iPod to help you greet the day with a smile.
- Multiple alarms: Create as many alarms as you want. Specify unique functionality in each of the alarms you set: snooze option, daily repeat, label, and type of sound.
- Choose your wakeup sound from an unmatched five-part selection menu: a simple default beep, a selection from iTunes, a radio station you specify, a recording you make on your iPhone, and natural sounds (for example, a waterfall, and in the background the hoot of an owl).
- Snooze as often as you want. Go from alarm to snooze by tapping an icon, by shaking the phone, or by one of Dr. Clock’s surprise methods.


Choose from 45,000 radio stations, from National Public Radio to rap; from movie soundtracks to talk radio. Roam through the hundreds of available stations and flag your favorites.
You can use the radio to fall asleep by or to wake you up. Or, as daytime background music on your iPhone. Dr. Clock has been engineered to minimize battery drain. Set an alarm, then have the clock slumber until the time the alarm needs to go off.


Does the soothing sound of rainfall or birds in an Amazon forest help you get to sleep? Dr. Clock offers a stunning array of natural sounds, each of which can be combined with others to lull you to sleep, then automatically turn itself off.
- Three kinds of organic sounds: Natural, Animal, and Human.
- Twenty-one subcategories of nature sounds: for instance, “Wind in the leaves,” or “Sleigh bells.”
- Specify a shutoff time if you’re using the timer to go to sleep. Or let it play all day through your earbuds as you work.
- Use the sleep timer’s natural sounds to wake you gently.


If you permit, Dr. Clock will run a streaming weather forecast on whichever of the display themes you are using.


- View the Quartz and Digital clocks in Portrait or Landscape mode. The Flick-Clock displays in Landscape only.
- Specify whether sounds fade in or out.
- Set the sound volume independent of alarm volume.
- Spin the dial late at night on your clock/radio just as you did when you were a teenager.
- Set background operation: none, notification only, or full.
- Specify Wi-Fi only operation to avoid cellular fees.

Did you know that a ladybug brings good luck? If you are a believer, Dr. Clock has your ladybug ready to keep you company all night long.

Release Notes

iOS 6 Supported.
User Interface Upgraded.
Fix some bugs which may cause alarm unavailable.
Fix a bug made app crash on launch.

App Details

  • Version 2.3.4
  • Created & Sold by SHAO WEN SU
  • Released on September 20, 2011
  • File Size: 33 MB
  • $2.99
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Utilities & Music

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