Paper by FiftyThree

Nov 25

Paper by FiftyThree
by 15817 users
“Ideal for jotting down notes, sketches, or your next big idea, this phenomenal app sets a new standard” - Apple App of the Year 2012

Used by more than 13 million people worldwide, Paper turns your iPad into a digital notebook, with everything you need to bring your ideas to life. Best of all, Paper is now completely free.

“App of the Year & Apple Design Award Winner”

Sketch out a new product design, draft a kitchen remodel or outline a great business plan. Paper is the essential digital notebook that works the way you think, with no fussy settings or distractions. Paper’s five beautiful tools to Sketch, Write, Draw, Outline, and Color, are now completely free. Paper includes unlimited, free, cloud backup of all your journals when you sign up for a FiftyThree account.

“The Best iPad Stylus” — Wired and The Verge

Express your creativity more naturally with Pencil—FiftyThree’s handcrafted Bluetooth Smart stylus. Pencil’s unique Surface Pressure technology allows you to use Pencil’s tapered shape to fluidly control the width and strength of lines. You can also flip to erase, blend with your finger, and rest your hand comfortably on the screen with world-class palm rejection.

“People are at their best when they create.”

You don’t need to be an artist, or even know how to draw to be creative and use Mix, the sharing network built right into Paper. Mix takes away what’s scary about facing the blank page and leaves you with a fun place to get inspired and share your ideas. Find the perfect template for a task, learn a new skill, or make new connections with collaborators around the world. Mix is where the world creates together.

Release Notes

Free, Secure, Private Cloud Backup
One of your most requested features is here. Paper now includes free, automatic, secure backup of all your journals when you sign in to your FiftyThree account. Backups are completely private, with enterprise-grade security that can only be viewed by you. Restore work that accidentally gets lost or deleted, and set up new iPads with your backed-up journals. Work safely and never lose an idea.

Activity Center
See who’s remixing or starring ideas you shared to Mix, and following you in the activity center. The activity center makes it much easier to keep up with what’s happening on Mix and connect with others.

Pogo No More
Our Pogo Connect users are dwindling, and the number has unfortunately reached the point where we had to make the tough decision not to spend additional time supporting it. If you’re a current Pogo user, we apologize; please contact us for alternatives at

Bug Fixes
Lots of ‘em!

If you enjoy the new features, we’d love it if you would stop by and give us a rating in the app store. It’s actually an enormous help, and your comments now get piped into our Slack channel so we read every single one of them. Thanks for your support!

App Details

  • Version 2.4.2
  • Created & Sold by FiftyThree, Inc.
  • Released on March 29, 2012
  • File Size: 72 MB
  • Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Productivity & Entertainment

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