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Make your shopping easier!

Keep track of presents for christmas, birthdays or any occasion in the palm of your hand! Keeps a list of all your friends, your family or anyone you want to shop for. And, to top it off, it keeps you within your budget! You can track ideas, what you've bought/ordered and whether you've even wrapped it. Shopping for the holidays has never been so easy and so fun!

New Features in 3.2:

Fixed a bug that allowed you put only 4 characters in a present price field.
Fixed a bug that didn't calculate "Total Spent" correctly (in the dashboard).
Added more stores to look up online.
Added a native date picker for countdown.
Added a "Quick Lock" option. Just click the lock button and confirm you want to use your last password. You won't have to retype it.
Under settings, added "autohide blocks" to maximize your viewable real estate on your mobile device.
Changed font for better readability.
Added a backup and restore local data feature.
Individual budget settings and progress bar visible even while tracking total budget.
Over 30 new icons for custom categories!
Sixteen new custom themes.
Headers, tab bars and backgrounds are now changeable in themes as well.
You can now edit presents directly from the "store" as well without having to edit each individual present.
You can now email a list of items to shop for from an individual store.
You can now send a report of all presents via email.
You can now copy a present to the same person.
You can now change multiple present's progress state at once.
Added new setting for a person "This person is finished". That person becomes "shaded out" so you can see the people where you still need to focus.
Switch between Individual / Total budget by clicking the "bag" icon in the dashboard.
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Release Notes

Backup your data BEFORE this update!

After you restore your data, it should be preserved from now on.

Minor bug fixes

App Details

  • Version 3.6
  • Created & Sold by Pavel Braun
  • Released on September 30, 2011
  • File Size: 4 MB
  • 99¢
  • universal This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Lifestyle & Productivity

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