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Feb 12

IT Manager

I deleted three apps to consolidate to this one. Runs Google administrator perfectly.

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IT Manager is the best all-in-one enterprise server administration tool, allowing you to monitor and manage all your critical IT servers from your iOS device. Download it free of charge and after the free period expires, you will be offered weekly, monthly or annual subscription options. Annual subscriptions are just $99 USD per year.

IT Manager can be used to manage VMware, Windows, Active Directory, SSH, Telnet, Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, RDP, VNC, Apple Remote Desktop and BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. Major features of IT Manager include:

- Virtual Machine actions: Power Off/On, Suspend/Resume, Reset, Shut Down
- Host actions: Reboot, Shut Down, Disconnect/Connect, Enter/Exit Maintenance Mode
- View Memory, CPU and Storage usage of Hosts and VM’s
- Browse network by Hosts, Virtual Machines, Datacenters, Clusters and Folders
- Take Snapshots and Revert to Current Snapshot
- View and Dismiss Alarms
- Connect quickly to remote console with RDP, SSH or VNC
- Support for ESXi vSphere Hypervisor and vCenter Server

- Connect to and control UNIX servers
- VT100 and XTerm terminal emulation
- Connect to and control routers, switches and other network elements

- Connect to computers running a VNC server
- Connect to Windows consoles with Remote Desktop
- Connect to and control Mac OS computers with Apple Remote Desktop screen sharing

- Start and Stop Windows Services
- Shutdown or reboot Windows computers
- Remote Desktop Connection to perform any tasks

- Create, Edit and Delete Users & Groups
- Reset Passwords and Unlock Accounts
- Manage Account Options
- Manage User Group Membership
- Browse or Search the Directory Tree

- Ping - With cool graph and statistics
- Traceroute - With live trace of multiple routes
- DNS Lookup - Query DNS records like dig and nslookup
- Whois Search - Perform whois queries against domains
- Subnet Calculator - Quickly calculate subnet masks
- Network Scanner - Find servers to manage automatically, send Wake-On-Lan (WOL) packets

- Manage Users, create users, reset passwords, edit accounts
- Manage Groups, create groups, edit members
- Manage Domain Settings
- View Usage Graphs
- View Details of Audit Logs

- Manage EC2 Services, reboot, start, stop, terminate
- Manage S3 Services, manage buckets and files
- Manage Elastic Beanstalk Services, manage environments, rebuild, terminate, view logs
- IAM (Identity and Access Management) support

- Kill BlackBerry devices
- Create users, groups
- Manage and assign IT Policies
- Set passwords and more
- Support for BES 5 and BES 10

***** "It’s easy to use and fast!"
“When something misbehaved on the network, it usually meant running back to a PC to figure it out. With IT Manager, I have it all in one place, in one app, freeing me to troubleshoot a switch, router, ssh, server, you name it.”
- Bill Adragna, Macomb County Community Mental Health

Use the IT Manager app to perform all your server Monitoring for FREE. In order to perform any administration tasks, you must purchase a subscription. A 30 day subscription is provided for FREE to all new users.

IT Manager is brought to you by a team who has been building mobile admin apps for the last 14 years. If you encounter any technical issues, we invite you to contact us directly at and we will help you to resolve the issue. If you report your issue through the review system, we will not be able to contact you to help fix the problem as the reviews are anonymous.

Release Notes

New VMware Features:
- Browse Inventory Trees, Clusters and Folders
- VM list searching

As well as various other fixes and improvements:
- Fixed Telnet freezing issue
- Fixed Telnet and SSH to Mikrotik routers
- Fixed some iOS 7.1 rendering issues
- Fixed many other bugs and crashes

Thanks for your continued support, please send any feedback to

App Details

  • Version 2.7.2
  • Created by Smarter Apps
  • Sold by Smarter Apps Inc. (Canada)
  • Released on October 3, 2012
  • File Size: 22 MB
  • Free!
  • universal This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Business & Productivity

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