Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day

Jul 18

Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day
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For a limited time, join us in celebrating Chinese New Year! Have you ever wondered why Chinese New Year always lands on a different day? And what has it got to do with the Moon? Answers to these questions and more inside...

A star and constellation guide has never been more beautiful and easy to use. Just hold it to the sky to automatically find stars, constellations, planets, satellites and more. It’s stargazing fun for all ages and experience levels!

*** Apple Design Award 2014 Winner ***

"Close to perfect."

"The perfect companion for helping you find the stars..."

“Beautiful and informative...a treasure.”

Is it a star or Saturn? Learning what’s in your night sky is now effortless with Sky Guide. Hold your iPhone or iPad up and Sky Guide automatically aligns itself to the stars above you—no setup required!

Whether you’re looking for the constellation Virgo, the Andromeda Galaxy or Mars, Sky Guide will satisfy your curiosity. You can search for thousands of celestial sights and be guided exactly where to see them in the sky above you. Just follow the arrow.

Voyage to the past or future with cinematic time controls. Know where the Moon will be later in the evening so you can capture that perfect photo. Or, witness the approach of magnificent comets and see their tails evolve as they fly around the Sun.

Want to watch a satellite pass overhead? Sky Guide features hundreds of visible satellites for you to track. See them rise and chart their paths as they fly through space. We also offer an add-on pack that provides satellite identification, detailed historical information and future flyover times. You can even schedule custom reminders or get notifications of the best satellite passes.

Sky Guide contains immersive visuals unlike any star app you have seen before. With exclusive imagery adapted from high-resolution photographs, you’ll see millions of stars and feel as though you're spacewalking! Or, if you're feeling more earthbound, gesture down the intensity of star light to match an urban view.

Sky Guide may have few buttons but it has ample content. With richly illustrated and cross-linked articles—many by leading astronomical authors—countless enlightened moments await novice and seasoned stargazers alike.

Plus, Sky Guide functions with or without a Wi-Fi, data, or GPS signal. Take it camping or use it overseas. Everything is at your fingertips at all times, in all places.

Additional Features:

• Soundscape: Designed by award-winning composer Mat Jarvis. Stars have sounds based on their temperature and size.

• Time-lapse Effects: See star trails when you move through time quickly (supported on devices with A7 processor and higher).

• Notification Center Widget: At-a-glance essentials including rise and set times for the Sun, Moon and planets (requires iOS 8).

• Filter: X-ray the sky and explore invisible wonders.

• Red night mode: Preserve your dark-adapted eyesight.

Please note: Sky Guide requires a gyroscope, so it doesn't work with iPad 1 or iPhone 3GS and earlier.

Release Notes

We’re lighting our lanterns for Chinese New Year! This update details the astronomical origins of this traditional holiday, explains the lunar calendar and more.

And since Chinese New Year is Lunar New Year, we've also given the Man in the Moon a big makeover. Did you know we see a slightly different face from day to day? This apparent wobble is called libration, and it’s now fully supported in Sky Guide. We’ve more than tripled the detail and added realistic lunar eclipses so you can enjoy the next “blood moon”!

New Filters
We’ve added ultraviolet, gamma ray and radio filters to complete the electromagnetic spectrum.

Did you miss a chance to see Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2? It’s not too late! We’ve added it so be sure to catch it soon.

Smoother zooming and other performance improvements

App Details

  • Version 4.1.1
  • Created & Sold by Fifth Star Labs LLC
  • Released on May 6, 2013
  • File Size: 92 MB
  • $1.99
  • universal This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Reference & Education

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