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Use the iPhone or iPad camera to capture RGB values in real-time and convert them to the closest color name from a dictionary of nearly 900 colors. Also available: RYB, HSL and CMYK values, HTML color code, and the closest HTML color name. Touch a color square to view the information for that sample at any time.

Organize the sample collection on the Edit screen. After organizing your sample collection, email the color samples with color chips, with color chips and a selected photo, or as text only.

On the Options screen, set the sample aperture from 1x1 to 50x50 pixels, or select which color conversions to display.

Touch the new "Target" selector then touch the screen to move the sample location without moving the device.

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Photo copyright E. Huybrechts
Modified and used under license: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Release Notes

+ NEW: Rebuilt for iOS 10
+ NEW: Added "Simple Color Name" ( know, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Pink, Brown, Gray, Black and White)
+ NEW: Save color samples to User Defaults
+ Change: Show the selected "first" enabled color name and analysis on the Samples screen
+ Change: Move all localization text back into code

App Details

  • Version 1.9
  • Created by FTLapps
  • Sold by FTLapps, Inc.
  • Released on January 27, 2012
  • File Size: 3 MB
  • 99¢
  • universal This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Utilities & Productivity

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