Elevate – Brain Training

Jun 26

Elevate – Brain Training
by 5844 users
Elevate is a brain training app designed to improve focus, speaking skills, processing speed, and more. Each person is provided with his or her own personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

With regular training, Elevate will help you improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence.


* Games for critical skills like focus, processing, precision, and comprehension
* Detailed performance tracking
* Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most
* Adaptive difficulty progression to ensure that your experience is challenging
* Workout calendar to help track your streaks and stay motivated
* And more!


Elevate's games are designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning and are based on extensive scientific research. Elevate’s training algorithms further enhance the learning experience by drawing from research in memory studies to develop a personalized program for each user.

Release Notes

- Introduced Synthesis, a new game for Listening.
- Improved game rotation algorithm, so you will get a better mix of skills in your training sessions.
- Additional learning material for free customers.
- Even more new learning material for Pro customers.
- Bug fixes.

App Details

  • Version 1.9
  • Created by Elevate, Inc.
  • Sold by Elevate Labs, LLC
  • Released on May 22, 2014
  • File Size: 34 MB
  • Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Education, Games, Educational, Word

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