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Feb 13

Stop, Breathe & Think

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Stop, Breathe & Think is a favorite mindfulness and meditation app that is simple, fun and easy to use. Check in to how you are thinking and feeling, and get recommended guided meditations tuned to your emotions.

** Winner of the 2015 Webby People’s Voice Award for Health & Fitness **
** Over 2,200,000 downloads and counting! **

At Stop, Breathe & Think, we believe that taking a few minutes each day to feel the calm is as important as regular exercise. If we can help more of you regularly find peace of mind, we’re doing our part to help make the world a better place.


Meditation made easy with:
+ Over 50 tailored meditations
+ Customizable meditation timer with choices of chimes and soundscapes
+ Meditations to start and end your day
+ Tracker for your emotions pre and post meditation
+ Sharing for friends

Guided meditations designed to help with:
+ Anxiety & stress
+ Depression
+ Focus
+ Compassion
+ Falling asleep
+ And much more!

Tracker for mood & meditation progress:
+ Check-in to record today’s meditation progress
+ Integration with the the Health app
+ Track daily streaks, top emotions, top meditations, total time meditated and more
+ Mood tracker plots your mood overtime
+ Stickers reward you along the way!


“You can change your whole frame of mind with just a few minutes of meditation.” -Fast Company

Scientific evidence shows that you can develop kindness and compassion by focusing on these attitudes through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. By using the app, learn how to meditate regularly and develop skills that help you relax, support academic and professional achievement, in addition to more positive interactions and relationships, by learning to:

- Deepen your awareness of your thoughts and emotions and recognize those feelings in others
- Settle yourself down and proactively manage your emotions and reactions, like stress or anxiety
- Approach people and everyday situations from the perspective of kindness and compassion.


"Here, the killer feature is the app asking you to check yourself before you start. It asks you how you're feeling mentally, physically and emotionally before you begin. It then offers... meditations customized for your current state of mind." -Lifehacker

“When people think of monitoring health, they often focus on calorie-counting, step-tracking, and other physical fitness goals, but often forget about their mental well-being. Use meditation app Stop, Breathe & Think for the daily zen tune up you might not even realize you needed.

“There are many meditation services out there, but Breathe stands out with its customization tools: it analyzes your current mood through a short survey, then leads you through guided meditations based on the results." -Cosmopolitan


Stop, Breathe & Think is free to use for the basic meditations. We also offer two options for a premium membership with more content and features:

Monthly Subscription for $4.99 per month
Yearly Subscription for $41.99 per year

These prices are in US dollars. Your price may be converted to your local currency.

Our subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each term and you will be charged through your iTunes Account. You may also turn off your subscription auto-renewal at any time through your iTunes Account Settings. We cannot offer a refund for unsubscribing early.

Release Notes

New in version 3.1
+ We fixed a nasty bug that prevented some iOS 8 meditators from using the app.
+ We squashed a bug that prevented iOS 10 meditators from sharing stickers.

New in version 3.0
+ 35 new tracks, available under our new premium subscription. There’s lots more to come, and it’s half-off through the end of the year! Plus 10% of each subscription supports Tools For Peace
+ Everything that was free is still free. Pinky swear.
+ Brand new customizable Timer!
+ Connect with the Health app and track your Mindful Minutes.

We have a lot more in store, so stay tuned!

App Details

  • Version 3.1
  • Created by Stop, Breathe & Think
  • Sold by Stop, Breathe & Think, PBC
  • Released on January 6, 2014
  • File Size: 111 MB
  • Free!
  • universal This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Health & Fitness & Education

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